Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some carpet cleaners advertise extremely low prices (like $5 per room) and once they arrive that price goes up?

It is an old trick called bait and switch. Put simply, they want you to book with them because the price is too good to refuse. Once the cleaner arrives at your house you will be charged all the extras, for example, extra for stain removal, extra for medium to heavy soiling, extra because you will be told your carpet needs an industrial clean, extra for deodorising, extra because the $5.00 per room price only applies when you have 15 rooms cleaned and the list goes on.

A professional carpet cleaner will include spot and stain removal, heavy soiling, deodorising etc in the price quoted over the phone.

Friends tell me not to have my carpets cleaned because when they had theirs cleaned the carpets became dirty again very quickly?

Yes this can happen when a poor quality carpet cleaner pumps your carpet with detergent and does not rinse the detergent out. A professional carpet cleaner will avoid this problem by pre-spraying your carpet first, then rinsing the pre-spray out, similar to a rinse cycle on a washing machine.

Celtic Carpet Cleaning uses pre-spraying with non-toxic cleaners.

How long does the average job take?

Approximately 1 – 1.5 hours

Do I need to vacuum first?

Simple answer is yes. A general hoover over the carpeted areas is sufficient.

How long does do the carpets normally take to dry?

3-4 hours keep the room/house well ventilated and promote air circulation by opening windows.

What if I can't be at the property?

A key can be left at a hidden spot and the work can be completed we can leave a receipt. Money can be left at the job or electronic transfer.

How can I pay?

We accept cheques cash or electronic transfers.

What furniture is needed to be moved prior to my carpets being cleaned?

Celtic Cleaners will include furniture moving for the following items: sofas and lounge suites, tables and chairs, beds on wheels and light furniture that one technician could expect to move.Furniture that we don't move: bookcases, fish tanks, waterbeds, china cabinets, computers and delicate or fragile items.

It is always best to remove items to an area that is not being cleaned before we arrive.


The hot water extraction cleaning method uses equipment that sprays heated water, with added cleaning chemicals. Simultaneously vacuuming the sprayed water along with any dislodged and dissolved dirt.

Many carpet manufacturers recommend professional hot water extraction as the most effective carpet cleaning method.